Dog Teeth and Gums

  • Start slow so your dog can get used to you poking around their mouth
  • The first few times, try just using water and a small rag, a piece of gauze or even your finger
  • Gently rub all surfaces of the teeth
  • Once your pup is used to this, you can begin using a pet-specific toothbrush
  • Don’t use human toothpaste to clean your dog’s teeth; it can upset their stomach
  • If you’re unsure about brushing their teeth, your veterinarian can show you the proper way
  • Offer your dog dry dog food every day and rawhide or synthetic bones several times a week
  • If you use a water pick, keep the pressure low
  • Brushing your pet’s teeth every day is ideal, but brushing at least twice a week will improve breath and keep teeth white
  • Certain chews, treats and dog foods can also help control tartar but don’t replace tooth brushing or dental cleanings

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