Pet Nail Care

If you get your pet as a kitten or puppy, it’s best to play with their paws to let them know it’s okay to have their feet touched. This will make them more at ease during nail trims.

In addition, it’s important to keep them trimmed! Have you ever thought about wearing high heels of different heights? That’s kind of what it’s like when their nails grow out at different lengths. This lack of balance can cause injuries or cause discomfort, so be sure to keep their nails in check.

In addition, don’t just assume that “a little blood” during a nail trim is normal. Sometimes when a pet it knicked too low to the quick during a nail trim, it can bleed uncontrollably, and that is a medical emergency! We offer nail trims by our professionally trained staff, so call us today to make sure you pet is happy and healthy!


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